Glossing over a resume

14 Jun 2012

I came across the resume for Mike Haertel:*. Now I don't know that name, and the site is for his consulting company, so he needs to market himself to get business. However, the guy wrote grep, sort, diff, and malloc! No, not "he wrote his own implementations that work similar to the Linux tools", but instead "he wrote the original GNU tools". Additionally, tons of other stuff, that barely stands out on that resume, but after you understand that he originated those tools, you slowly realize as you read that resume the massiveness of the contributions the guy has made. It's funny to compare how quaint this resume looks with the ones I see every so often when I have to interview people for the companies I've worked for. I'd like to see the resume for others that have accomplished so much such as Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates, etc. How do you whittle down the accomplishments of those people to a one page resume?

  • I should point out that I came across that resume because I was searching for info on the guy after skimming through the code for GNU sort in coreutils and saw his name at the top. He didn't apply for a job where I work. :)