Apple: PR juggernaut

18 Feb 2012

Technology is largely regarded as a meritocracy. The people/companies that make the best products are viewed as most valuable. Apple does make some good products (I view the iPhone as the best phone on the market), but it's PR (Public Relations) is without equal in the tech world. Take for example the story in the WSJ from yesterday about Google bypassing Safari's attempt at blocking sites from tracking users (Google's iPhone Tracking). The article notes that "Google Inc. and other advertising companies" have been doing this, but because Google is the most well-known, and I guess has the worst PR, it is being called out. Why isn't Apple being called out for having a product that doesn't work? If Safari is supposed to block sites from being able to track users, then if it doesn't work, then it's Apple's problem, not someone else's.

According to there have been 582 articles about Google bypassing Safari's blocking. Even Microsoft's IE got in on the Google bashing and recommends people switch to IE which properly blocks Google from tracking users (Browse Without Being Browsed).

I will never understand the cult of Apple. People bash Microsoft for not complying to standards, and yet Apple uses it's retarded non-standard iPod docking instead of USB for it's connectors to the iPhone and other devices. As another example, iTunes is a mess of DRM.

People have always viewed Apple as the underdog, but now it has twice the market cap of both Microsoft and Google. Isn't it time to stop forgiving it for it's problems and start holding it accountable? If people had expectations about the browser, and those expectations were wrong, then Apple needs to change it's browser instead of picking on the little guys.